uc say: Repeats the argument you send in.
uc tts: Generates an audio file and a video file [GLITCHY!!]. Text length limit is 500.
uc pingme: Pings the author of the message.
uc dmme: DM's the author of the message.
uc owoify: Owoifies the stwing youw send in uwu
uc getpastebin: Gets raw text from a pastebin link.
uc sayinconsole: Saves some text in a text file, which the developer of the bot can see.
uc findemote: Finds an emoji from it's list.
uc MEOOOW: Sends the funny haha vid
uc react: Reacts to your last message with an emoji you pass in.
uc zalgoify: Zalgoifies the input text.
uc foaas: Fuck Off As A Service: Discord Edition
uc brainf: Execute BrainFuck code.
uc tobrainf: Converts a string into BrainFuck code.
uc fish: Execute Fish (><>) code.
uc tofish: Converts a string into Fish code.
uc getallvariations: Get all variations of a string.
uc patpat: Generates a PatPat GIF. [no code has been ported, the generation is done using selenium and its ability to use headless browsers]

More commands coming soon!
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